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Composite Decking

Wood Vs Composite Decking

Wood or Composite? A guide to decking materials

Adding a deck to your property is a huge step and wise investment to the real estate’s value. However, the whole project’s success may depend on the material you choose for your decking. It will determine how long the deck will serve you and how much time, money ad effort you will have to spend o building and maintaining it.

Today you may choose among several options of decking materials. Those are natural wood ad PVC or Composite decking materials that are either synthetic or semi-synthetic.

It is essential to understand that there is o direct saying that one decking material is better than others in every possible way. Your choice will depend on many factors. What might have worked for your next-door neighbor may appear to be a total flop for your property.

In this article, we shall describe the distinctive features of natural ad synthetic decking materials. Understanding those features will help you make an informed decision and build a perfect deck at your property.


What is wood decking?


Wood decking is a much broader term than you might imagine. It includes several traditional American species like redwood, cedar, or pine. However, today you may also get some more exotic variants like tropical hardwood decking materials—for example, tigerwood, ipe, or mahogany.

All of them have their undoubtful advantages as well as some concerning peculiarities.


PVC and Composite decking


Those are alternative decking materials that are often united described as “Synthetic”. However, this is not entirely true. In comparison, PVC is a wholly plastic product; Composite decking consists of wood fibers encased in plastic. Therefore it cannot be altogether called synthetic.

Those alternative decking materials were invented in the 1980s and became pretty popular since then. People appreciated their lower pricing, durability, and diversity of choice. However, both PVC and Composite decking have pitfalls that may not be as obvious at first sight.


To wood or not to wood? Should you choose natural or alternative decking materials?


When you start to dig deeper into the matter, the choice may seem pretty hard. On the one hand, choosing wood decking, you know exactly what you are dealing with, how long it will serve you ad which challenges you may have to face. However, those same challenges such as splinters, molding, and rot may appear to be absolute deal-breakers for many homeowners.

Simultaneously, while composite decking promises low maintenance and durability, there is always this concern that those decks don’t look as good as natural ones. There is still concern about the quality and performance of synthetic materials and their impact on the environment.

Let’s go over the main focus points of various decking materials.



Of course, the price will depend entirely on either o the wood species you are looking at or the quality of composites. However, if we talk about the same aesthetics, wood decking materials will instantly come out much cheaper than composites that would look just as nice.

However, some homeowners claim that the price difference pays back within 2-3 years as composite decking does need that much maintenance attention and products. However, this factor entirely depends on the area where you live, your lifestyle, and various factors that would require you to pay more or less attention to your deck’s annual maintenance.



Working properties

Both amateurs and professional contractors claim that there is no difference between the process of building a deck out of natural wood, PVC, or Composite material. You will manage with the same tools for all of them and won’t need any special equipment.

However, those who have experience building advanced decking projects with unusual shapes and designs initially prefer Composite decking. Once heated, they can be bent into any shape ad curve, allowing you to fulfill ultimately unconventional projects.


Moist and insect damage

Those are the leading maintenance concerns of any outdoor constructions. It does not matter where you live; moist and insect damage goes hand in hand with decking. Therefore, durability towards those hazards becomes a powerful feature for most homeowners.

Unfortunately, no matter how quality it is, wood decking is most vulnerable to moisture and its consequences – molding ad rot. Wood absorbs water ad requires comprehensive attention and annual maintenance to prevent or minimize the damage. At the same time, PVC and Composite decks are famous for their water-resistant qualities. However, molding is also pretty standard for those decks once you live in a humid climate.

As for insects, it is pretty natural that they are not interested in synthetic decking materials.


Temperature resistance

The main advantage of wooden decks over composite ones is that wood will always remain comfortable and safe to walk through, even on the hottest summer day. This feature is essential once you have small children or pets. Our feet may start to blister at a temperature as low as 109F. So, if you live in a sunny state ad plan to spend joyful summer days sunbathing or holding pool parties at your deck, you should choose wood decking.



No matter what they tell you, looks do matter. Especially when it comes to checking out a neighbor’s new deck and then discussing it with everyone. PVC and Composite deck still have this artificial plastic impression once you take a closer look at them.

However, the technologies are moving forward. Today, many manufacturers claim that they manage to make their Composite decking look and feel precisely natural. So maybe soon you won’t be able to tell the difference between the natural and artificial material.


To choose a perfect decking material for your property, you should consider your budget at the moment and how much money and effort you are ready to spend on the maintenance of your decking. Also, it is essential to account for climate ad weather conditions in your region, your plans on using the deck ad, of course, the aesthetics of the material. It is a very personal choice, and you should remember that a deck is not a piece of electric appliance or a car that you can change or quickly get rid of. A deck is an expansion of your house, your legacy that will pass your love and care to future generations.

Outdoor Covered Patio for Hosting Barbecues

Solutions for your Outdoor Kitchen that will let you get the most of it year-round

Getting an Outdoor kitchen is not just a smart investment in the value of your property. With the fresh air, picturesque views, and magnificent change of season Denver has to offer, your outdoor kitchen may become an ultimate point of magnetism for all your friends and family members.

No wonder you want to get the most out of your outdoor kitchen and find a way to enjoy it across the calendar. A quality outdoor kitchen is not just a gas grill with some outdoor furniture next to it. With some extra attention and functional design solutions, it turns into a  logical extension of your home and a significant improvement to your life quality.

Here are some elements and solutions for your outdoor kitchen that will help you hold family gatherings and neighborhood parties and create lifetime memories all year round.

Pizza Oven

While burgers and hot dogs are traditional outdoor cuisine, pizza always becomes the queen of every party. Whether you hold a family gathering, a birthday, or your kids have invited their friends for a sleepover pizza is the perfect meal solution for every age and occasion. The endless variety of ingredients and recipes makes this meal perfectly customizable and acceptable for any diet, customs, or culinary preferences.

Talking about limitless possibilities, a pizza oven doesn`t have to necessarily be used for cooking pizza only. You may bake bread in it, cook various meat dishes from European cuisine and amazing pastries. Of course, this functional and smart addition will automatically evaluate your property, so you may ask for much more money once you decide to put your real estate on the market.


Those who want to boost up their outdoor cooking experience should consider getting a smoker as an addition to their outdoor grill. First of all the choice of delicious dishes and meals, you may cook in a smoker is literary limitless. From meat and fish to nuts and veggies – everything simply tasted much better once smoked.

And while for ultimate barbeque appreciators an outdoor kitchen is simply incomplete without a smoker, anyone can discover a whole new world of advanced outdoor cooking and get himself a title of the neighborhood pitmaster.

Grill Island

Of course, you cannot imagine an outdoor kitchen without a grill. But once you want to boost up your performance and enjoy year-round barbecue parties, a grill island is a must. First of all, this is exactly what turns a trivial backyard into a high-end outdoor kitchen.

Also, grill islands have various safety and convenience features that will instantly enhance your outdoor cooking experience. They allow you to keep all your equipment safely in one place, lock it from children, protect it from weather and animals. At the same time, you get fast and comfortable access to all the dishes and accessories you may need. So no need to run all over the backyard or bonce between the indoor kitchen and your gas grill all the time.

You won`t have to miss a conversation anymore while cooking as a grill island will instantly become a focal point of your outdoor kitchen and a place where all your friends and family members will collect, observing and learning the art of barbeque from the master – you!

An Outdoor Bar

The talk about outdoor parties is pointless without discussing an opportunity to provide your guests and family a classy high-end drinking experience. An outdoor bar is a way to evaluate your outdoor kitchen and turn it into a place where you can hold all kinds of gatherings, parties, birthdays, special occasions, or simply chill and relax at the end of the day enjoying a glass of good whiskey or wine while stargazing with your beloved ones.

Talking about glasses and beverages, once you have an outdoor bar, they can be stored safely and securely without the risk to break while transporting them from the house to the backyard. They also become accessible for children, which is an important security feature of an outdoor bar.

So, once you decide to evaluate your overall outdoor experience, make it classy, various, and safe, an outdoor bar is a solution that turns an outdoor kitchen into a high-end recreational area.

A mini-fridge

Whether you want to have quick and easy access to your beverages while cooking or look for an opportunity to store meat and marinade outdoors safely right before the guests arrive, a minifridge installed in your grill island or an outdoor bar is a convenient and handy solution for any outdoor kitchen.

It helps you get easy access to your meat while cooking without the risk of spoilage or losing it to your beloved dog. With a mini-fridge in your outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to bounce all over the place collecting and storing ingredients. And of course, it is a much more civilized and classy way to keep your beverages cool throughout the whole party. You may be surprised how this small piece of equipment will revolutionize your outdoor kitchen experience.

A Sink

Every party eventually comes to an end and you have to tidy up. An outdoor sink is an extremely convenient addition to your outdoor kitchen that will save you a lot of time and energy while cleaning the place and arranging the dishes.

It also has a significant safety feature as with a sink outdoors you won`t forget to wash the products or your hands before cooking. So as your family and friends. Sinks are also pretty handy once you are cooking fish or deal with red meat, prepare marinade or just prefer to keep things tidy and clean while cooking.


An outdoor kitchen is an investment in better life quality for your family and a significant evaluation of the cost of your property on the market. However, some elements may seem insignificant at the first sight, but play an important role in your overall outdoor cooking experience and the quality and safety of your outdoor parties.

Contact us today and you will get comprehensive consultation from our professionals. Considering your expectations, demands, and budgets we shall offer solutions and additions that will instantly enhance your outdoor kitchen and let you get the most of it all year round.

Custom Wooden Deck with Mountain Vista View

Benefits of Custom Outdoor Decks

By Tanye Bure

An outdoor deck is a place where all your family will come together enjoying cocktails, playing board games, stargazing during warm summer nights, or just talking over outdoor meals. No wonder so many homeowners wish about getting a deck for their property. And although there is nothing bad in rolling up your sleeves and getting down to a major DIY project, most professionals would strongly recommend against building an outdoor deck yourself.

First of all, different states have various regulations and safety demands for any outdoor construction. So once you decide to get a deck for your Denver house, you will have to do comprehensive online research and face certain bureaucracy challenges if you want to make sure that your construction is safe and legal.

Another reason to address a professional is the fact that all properties are different and sometimes certain peculiarities become dealbreakers once you have to decide on the construction materials and the overall structure of your deck. That is why custom decks are so popular today.

Keep on reading and you will learn all the main benefits of getting a custom outdoor deck for your property this year and why addressing a professional contractor will save you a lot of time and money over this project.

Safety and stability

The landscape of Denver and the locations around it may vary from one place to another. A project that might have worked perfectly for your friend may not be suitable for you due to peculiarities of the soil of your land, landscape, size, and shape of your yard. Eventually, this may result in a serious safety issue, putting your family members and the integrity of your house in danger.

Having the necessary experience and knowledge, a professional will come up with a deck project that will meet all your demands and expectations without compromising on the safety and stability of your construction.

Custom deck lets you get the most of your backyard

You may be surprised with the capacity and potential of your backyard once you let a professional create a project of your outdoor deck. Suddenly there may appear a great opportunity to build a swimming pool or a breathtaking playground for your kids, that you might have never thought about. An outdoor kitchen or a gazebo can be those high-end additions that will become possible once you let a professional use all the potential of your property while building your custom deck.

The opposite is also possible. Sometimes people have quite extensive properties with a lot of potentials but manage to through it through the window with disproportional constructions. Custom decks are your opportunity to enjoy all the befits of your property and discover functional capacities you could not even imagine before.

Get what you want… and what you need

Once you get down the project yourself or build a standard deck, you will inevitably have to compromise on some features. From the size and choice of materials to the overall structure, functionality, and even safety – there is a strong chance that you will have to give something up. Eventually, you may end up with pretty quality construction that you and your family will learn to enjoy, but the ghost of missed opportunities will be hunting you for a very long time.

Custom decks, designed and built by professionals instantly offer you a wide choice of options. You will suddenly realize that there are lots of shapes, functions, and materials to choose from and all of the options will be perfectly suitable for your property. This experience may also be pretty overwhelming as sometimes homeowners are afraid to make a wrong decision and commit to a less prosperous project. Professional advice that considers all the demands, habits, and expectations of the residents will help you make an informed decision and make sure that your custom outdoor deck will be a smart investment in your living experience and the value of your property.


The “golden tooth” effect

While all properties are different, getting a deck you risk to end up with an addition to your landscape that would look unnatural and foreign for your property. This effect is called “golden tooth” in design and it instantly demonstrates poor taste and devalues all your efforts and investment.

The design of your deck may vary depending on the style of your house, its size, color pattern, and greenery that you already have or plan to get on your property. It should consider your expectations, maintenance capabilities, and even the amount of time you are planning to spend outside and how many people live in the house or visit you. Once you address a professional, you a guaranteed that your custom deck will be a perfect match to your landscape, demands, capabilities, and budget, becoming a logical extension and valuable addition to your property.


More and more homeowners get custom decks for their Denver houses, Despite the benefits mentioned above, professionally made custom decks have some significant money-saving features:

  • Designed and thought through before the construction, they fit your expectations perfectly. So you don`t risk to face some unexpected challenges on the way or have to disassemble the half-finished construction;
  • Once done by a professional, custom decks have a warranty on the overall performance and materials. You don`t have to worry about possible failures or adjustments – a professional always has your back;
  • Not just a functional addition to your house, custom decks are a serious investment in the overall value of your property. Once you or your heirs decide to put it on the market, the starting price tag will be significantly higher once there is a custom deck;
  • With a custom deck, you and your family get a chance to have a fuller and safer outdoor experience. With the various opportunities that you get with a custom project, you may hold neighborhood barbecue parties and family gatherings, build a playground for your children or an outdoor gym for yourself, spend quiet summer nights stargazing with your beloved one or let your children invite friends over for a pool party. The opportunities you get are ultimately endless.


Contact us today and you will get comprehensive consultation from our team, learn about all options to get the most of outdoor experience in your Denver property, and get an estimate on various custom projects and solutions that we offer.